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Les amateurs de Talkbox seront ravis, Winfree débarque avec un nouvel opus en février prochain. A cette occasion il nous a accordé une interview pour nous présenter son nouveau projet qui s’annonce très lourd.

SoopafreshRadio – Whats good  Winfree!  ! Thank you for taking some time answering our questions. We know it was told before many times, but maybe you can just shortly introduce yourself by letting our readers know about main milestones in your life, yours earlier albums (Gotham City, My Diary, Something to ride to etc.) …

Winfree – Hey, man!…thanks for the opportunity to answer your questions! Well, my name is Winfree – and I am a singer, songwriter, musician and entertainer. I’m most recognized by the talkbox work that I have done over the years on many G-Funk and Hip-Hop tracks, for artists from California, France, Japan, Germany and Chile – as well as, locally here in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio -midwest, USA. My first CD was a compilation of tracks that I recorded, from 1994 to 1997 called, « Something 2 Ride To », which featured various artists from the Toledo area. Including, the opportunity to produce and perform a jingle for our local R&B radio station, WJUC 107.3 FM, titled, « It’s The Juice. » In early 2000, I wrote a song called, « One On One », that was recorded and released as a single on ‘Keith Sweat’s’ 2002 « Rebirth » CD. That song was also on the movie soundtrack to « The Transporter » that same year. « My Diary » was my 2006 CD and « Gotham City » was released in 2009. They both were distributed in Japan and did very well.



S –  What are your favorite references and influences, musically? Also, when it comes to writing lyrics, what are your own influences?

W – My favorite musical influences are, Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Roger Troutman. When I write lyrics, my influences vary. I write mostly about things that people tell me they experience. It’s always good to listen to people. Their stories make great songwriting material. I also get a lot of ideas and song structure from my friend and co-writer, Thomas Kurek, aka « Atomic. » He helps me to write lyrics from a different perspective sometimes, which adds an interesting twist.



S –   Let’s go back to the present. You’re about to release your new “No negativity” album. Why “No Negativity”? What is your album about?

W – This album, is simply about, being positive in life. There are so many things around us that represent and feed on « negativity »…and I felt the need to tell people that we can choose to refuse to be negative. Find the good in life and everything around you. That’s my message with this album.


[soundcloud url= »http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/112282250″ iframe= »true » /]


S – You have worked on this project with your talkbox as usual. But we can be heard also your natural voice on this album.  Is it an important thing for you?

W – Yes, it is important for me to give my fans all of me. The melodies and harmonies that I do on the talkbox, were first created and arranged by my natural singing voice. Someone suggested to me that I should « sing » more on my recordings. I thought that was a good idea, too. A great way to give more variety to my listening audience.


S – You are also someone who is very generous. Can you speak to us about “Holiday Wishes” project and your song “Funky Santa Robot”?

W – Thank you!… »Holiday Wishes 3″ is a compliation CD, that features talented artists doing their thing for the « Make A Wish Foundation. » I was asked to contribute a song. That’s when I wrote, « Funky Santa Robot. » A song about a toy robot that comes to life on Christmas and dances for the kids. It’s a fun song…and I felt like getting funky!…LOL.


S –  Would you like to say anything to your fans? Or give a shout-out to anybody?

W – I would like to tell my fans to pick up a copy of « No Negativity »…it’s some of my best work yet! Also, keep your eyes and ears open for 2 other projects that I have coming in 2014. An R&B album, produced by Wadz of SmoothSwing Records. I’m looking forward to this project. I’m so fortunate to work with him. Also, I have a « rock » CD project, under the name « Mixxtbreed » coming in 2014 as well. I’d like to give a shout out to all my fans and all the talented artists and producers on « No Negativity. » Alex Hernandez, « Atomic », Chris Stoll and Sovan Sovizzle – I couldn’t have done this without you guys! And a big shout out to Jeremy and Soopafresh Radio!…thanks for your support!


S – Thank you once again for giving us the opportunity to interview you, winfree. We hope to continue working together in the future.