Hello to everybody,

En date du 26 Février, l’émission de radio Soopafresh s’est animée pour vous proposer les sons californiens suivants : 

  • I love Cali In The Summertime (remix) – Young Roscoe
  • Aint Nothin To It But To Do It Feat Bad Azz – Young Roscoe
  • She’s Paid Feat Amg Dru Down – Young Roscoe
  • It’s That Time Again – Young Roscoe
  • We Ridaz Feat Kurupt – Young Roscoe
  • This Is How We Do Feat Bobby Valentino -Young Roscoe
  • Fuck Buddy Feat Fingazz – Young Roscoe
  • Sounds Of Summertime (Remix) Feat Young Roscoe – Mr Criminal
  • Fuck The System – Down aka Kilo Young Roscoe
  • Um Dumpin (Daz Version) – 2Pac Daz Dillinger Roscoe Gonzoe
  • Bang Mode Feat Tri-star – Roscoe
  • Hood Feat Kurupt – Roscoe
  • All Mighty Boo Yaa Feat Lady Of Rage – Boo Yaa Tribe
  • Full Time Bangin’ – Boo Yaa Tribe
  • Skrillafornia Plates – Boo Yaa Tribe
  • Bang On Feat Mack 10 – Boo Yaa Tribe
  • Zodiak Kreep Feat Gail Gotti – Boo Yaa Tribe

West Coast Rap Songs in Soopafresh Radio.
See you soon,

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