Big Stalks
Release Date
Dec 16, 2008
Gangsta Funk feat. DJ Ak & French Connection
2 Cali Dippen feat. Rocky Padilla & G-funk
3 Southern California feat. Dogg Master & Casual
4 Backyard Party feat. Rocky Padilla, G-funk & Big Cisco
5 Sets in the Sky feat. Moon
6 Come Up in My Hood feat. Rocky Padilla & G-funk
7 More Bounce feat. Moon
8 Power, Money & Bitches feat. Big Cisco & Da Rebal
9 Up in the Club feat. G-funk & Big Cisco
10 G's Nite Out feat. G-funk & Casual
11 Summer in the City feat. Bad News
12 Livin' Life in the Ghetto feat. G-funk
13 Playing Pros feat. Big Cisco
14 Gotta Keep It Real feat. Big Cisco
15 Cruzin' Down the Street feat. G-funk

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